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Owner Is Pleasantly Surprised By Border Collie’s Unusual Behavior



Quick Smiles:

  • A pet owner is surprised to discover her Border Collie, who had been acting differently for months, is pregnant.
  • The owner, a TikTok enthusiast, shares her dog’s hilariously surprised reaction to her new puppies on the platform.
  • The story offers a reminder of the often-overlooked signs of canine pregnancy and the unpredictability of our furry friends’ lives.

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In the world of pet parenting, each day comes with its joyful surprises. One pet owner was particularly taken aback when her Border Collie, who had been displaying unusual behavior for months, turned out to be pregnant.

Going viral, the owner shared her journey through the TikTok handle @agilityambs in a video posted on June 5. Her Border Collie, now a new mom, looks amusingly confounded by her new litter of puppies.

Captured on camera, the dog’s head tilt and eyes full of profound confusion tell a beautiful story. “The mama dog looked at the camera with her head cocked to the side, her eyes appearing filled with confusion as her puppies snuggled up next to her.”

She appears both surprised and endearing in her new maternal role. Regardless of her seeming perplexity, it’s clear that she’s stepping decisively into her new responsibility, and her puppies are in capable, albeit slightly confused, paws.


Meanwhile, the pet owner has created a comfortable space with a box and blankets for the dog and her litter. The caption on her video playfully highlights the dog’s confused state over the past few months, making viewers wonder if the owner knew about the forthcoming puppies. The viral video quickly racked up nearly 290,000 views, over 50,000 likes, and a slew of comments.

“She is looking at you like, ‘How could you let this happen,’” one viewer amusingly commented, accurately reflecting the dog’s apparent surprise. Other comments include, “‘She is rethinking her life up to this point,” and “Omg. She’s going, ‘Err what are these things what do I do with them. Can we go for a hike instead?’”

This situation serves to debunk the common myth that signs of canine pregnancy are always evident. Contrary to belief, early signs can easily go unnoticed. Typical pregnancy in dogs lasts about nine weeks, though it can range from 56 to 72 days.

Subtle indicators such as swollen or pinker nipples, a slightly swollen vulva, and changed behavioral patterns may be overlooked. As the pregnancy progresses, more noticeable signs like weight gain and a rounder belly will appear. If uncertain, a vet visit can confirm the situation with an ultrasound or blood test.

For potential pet parents, it’s crucial to be prepared. The dog should receive a balanced diet with high-quality food to ensure she gets all the necessary nutrients, which can prevent pregnancy complications like toxemia and eclampsia.

Like all dogs, a pregnant canine needs exercise. But as she nears delivery, allow her to set her energy levels. Ensure she rests more, gets dewormed regularly, and get ready for an exciting surprise of your own.



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