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Owner Leaves Her Dog Home Alone, Gets To Know His Mischief By A Note Stuck On Their Door



  • Billy the dog has been getting into harmless mischief but one day, he went too far.
  • Billy climbed on a roof and if not for parkgoers who saw him and got him down, he would have been in harm’s way.
  • His mom Julia would not have known from his usual cheery welcome about his misadventure had the park people left a note.  

When Billy the dog was rescued and adopted by Julia Zwar at 15 months, he was underweight and anxious.  With lots of love, Julia and her housemates turned Billy’s life around.

Billy thrived in their care and turned into a confident, harmless mischief-doing dog in the name of adrenaline.

Four years later, a note tucked on their door when she got back home, shocked her to what extent Billy pushed his adventuresome spirit.

Photo Credit: Julia Zwar

The note said: “Hi, we found your dog on your roof and climbed up and put it back into the house and then closed the window.” It was signed “Cheers from the park people”

Julia and her housemates were amazed at how Billy got to the roof but then remembered that one of their housemates, Jess, rearranged her room and pushed her bed up against the wall with the window.

This became Billy’s access to the roof.

It was fortunate that the people having a picnic at the park in front of the house saw Billy up on the roof and rushed to help him.

Photo Credit: Julia Zwar

If not for the note she would not have known what really happened as Billy welcomed her with a lot of tail wagging as if nothing happened.

What he did not know was that his mom already read the note.


Julia said, “He was excited, but then when I said his name in the ‘you’re in trouble’ tone, he dropped his head and I’m sure flashed back to moments earlier, when he was standing on the roof.” She added, “If puppy eyes came from anywhere, they came from his face that evening.”

Kulia is relieved that Billy is okay but has now taken steps to ensure Billy would never have access to the roof again.  They now leave the bedroom or the window shut. And so far, so good.

Photo Credit: Julia Zwar

Now, with his mom’s supervision, he is back to going on a run and enjoying his favorite park or the nearby ocean.

But Julia is expecting the unexpected with how adventurous Billy is. She said, “And if climbing out onto the roof isn’t the end of it, I’ll keep you posted.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Billy.

Source: The Dodo