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Pampered Rescue Pittie Insists Her Mom Gives a Morning “Makeover” Session



Quick Smiles:

  • Nilla, a once-struggling pit bull mix, now revels in morning makeover routines with her owner, Cierra Cezar.
  • Despite her luxurious lifestyle, Nilla had a challenging beginning, cramped in a shed with health issues before being adopted by Cezar.
  • Today, Nilla enjoys the best of both worlds: pampered beauty sessions and playful mud spa days, embodying the belief that every rescue deserves love and a fresh start.

Cierra Cezar had a routine morning planned, poised to put on mascara, when her affectionate pit bull mix, Nilla, decided she wanted to join in.

“She was absolutely persistent about that mascara,” Cezar shared with The Dodo in a video session the previous year. “There she was, whimpering and moaning … insisting I doll her up.”

Relenting, Cezar playfully pretended to brush Nilla’s lashes with mascara. Following that, it seemed Nilla also required a touch of blush, concealer, lipstick, and a finalizing spray.

“She truly is a diva at heart,” remarked Cezar.

Nilla’s passion for makeup is a testament to her love for self-indulgence. When she’s not playing beauty queen, she’s indulging in spa days — though of the muddy variety.


With Nilla, Cezar jests, there’s a dual personality: “One part royalty and [the] other, the mud enthusiast.”

But Nilla’s current posh life starkly contrasts her early days. Adopted by Cezar at a tender 9 weeks, the pup had endured harsh living conditions.

“When I first brought Nilla home, she was in a dire state,” Cezar recollected. “Battling fleas and two kinds of worms, she was cramped in a shed alongside her mother and siblings.”


“Taking her straight to the vet was imperative,” Cezar emphasized. “Our veterinarian commended our timely action. They marvel at her growth and well-being now.”

Nilla quickly discerned her newfound fortune upon entering Cezar’s life.

“She rapidly grew fond of me and began recovering within a few days,” Cezar noted. “She’s been our vivacious little gem ever since.”

According to Cezar, Nilla, blessed with a spunky and grandiose character, is indulged with an array of toys, goodies, joyrides, and, of course, her beauty rituals.

“Even now, she has a knack for rummaging through my belongings and taking joyous mud baths,” Cezar chuckled.


“Every rescue dog deserves this lavish treatment because each deserves adoration and a fresh start!” emphasized Cezar. “They shouldn’t be judged by their past; they’re brimming with boundless love.”