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Paul Rudd Befriends Boy Whose Classmates Refused to Sign His Yearbook [Video]



  • Brody of Colorado was in tears when his classmates refused to leave a message or sign his yearbook.
  • His mom, Cassandra Ridder, posted the boy’s predicament on the school’s Facebook account and soon students were leaving messages for him on his yearbook and even their numbers.
  • It also caught Paul Rudd’s attention who FaceTimed him and sent a care package including an encouraging note and an Ant-Man helmet with his signature. 

Paul Rudd may have the title of World’s Sexiest Man Alive, but after face-timing and befriending a boy who was left out in school, Rudd deserves to also be called the world’s kindest.

Twelve-year-old Brody from Colorado cried when only two of his teachers and two other students had left messages and signatures for him in his yearbook.  According to his mom, Cassandra Ridder, Brody said his classmates did not want to sign the yearbook.

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Cassandra said she was heartbroken when she saw Brody write a message for himself which read, “I hope you make some more friends” and signed it. 

Cassandra thinks the reason why Brody’s classmates refuse to sign the yearbook is that they have trouble relating to him since he is super intellectual. 

They also tease Brody because “his ears stick out” and he’s “extremely thin.” The teasing makes Brody cry almost every day.

Brody’s mom decided to post the story on the school’s Facebook page and students ranging from 8th grade to 11th grade stepped up by signing his yearbook and even gave the boy their phone numbers! 

Photo Credit: Simone Lightfoot – KDVR

But there was also one person who stepped up for Brody — Paul Rudd. He learned of the story and decided to Facetime with Brody!

Brody did not have any idea that he was FaceTiming with Ant-Man until Paul said, ‘You probably know me as Ant-Man’. And that is when Brody blurted out, ‘Oh my gosh! This is so cool.’”

Paul not only called Brody to reassure him but also sent a care package with a note that read, “It was great talking to you the other day. It’s important to remember that even when life is tough that things get better.” Rudd ended the note with, “There are so many people that love you. And think you’re the coolest kid there is. Me being one of them!”

What’s even more amazing is that Paul included an Ant-Man helmet with the dedication, “For my good friend Brody when he takes over the world.”

The title of “Kindest Man Alive in the World” for Paul Rudd would be well-deserved, right?


Source: ET Online