Highschoolers sign 6th grader’s yearbook after none of his classmates did

  • Brody Ridder transferred to the Academy of Charter Schools in Westminster, California, after being bullied in his old school.
  • However, the bullying continued in his new school.
  • He only got two or three names when he tried to gather his classmate’s signatures for his yearbook.

Brody Ridder is a student at Westminster, Colorado’s Academy of Charter Schools. He was delighted to gather signatures when he received his yearbook, but he ended up feeling “useless.”

“I went up to people and I asked them can you sign my yearbook and some of them were like ‘no’,” he said.

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He only got two or three names from his classmates and two messages from his teachers.

So Brody wrote in his yearbook, “Hope you make some more friends. β€” Brody Ridder.”

His mother’s heart sank as she read the note.

Brody’s mother, Cassandra Ridder, photographed the note and shared it on a Facebook page for parents at the school.

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Simone Lightfoot, Logan South, and Joanna Cooper, all upperclassmen, read the note. They spoke about the problem for hours and came up with solutions.

“It’s so fun having everyone sign your yearbook and for this kid to only have people sign their names in his yearbook, it’s just soul crushing,” Lightfoot said.

“We all just started planning that the next day we were going to go sign this kid’s yearbook,” South said.

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Even though none of them had ever met Brody, the trio gathered as many pupils as possible to sign the middle schooler’s yearbook.

People were lined up to fill in the gap in Brody’s book, according to the teenagers. Some even played “rock, paper, scissors” so they could sign first.

Many of the over 100 signatures contained lines with encouraging words, counsel, and even contact information.

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Brody said that right after that, everyone in the class started signing his yearbook.

The teenagers expressed their hope that the small gesture will inspire other children to be kind.

“It just made me feel better as a person. I don’t know how to explain it. It just makes me feel better on the inside,” said Brody.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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I’m so happy & proud to know that those High Schoolers took the time to help a Middle Schooler! I hope they realize they may have saved his life !!