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Pet dog makes baby eat veggies by trying them first [Video]



  • A couple had been trying to make their daughter Amiyah eat vegetables for long, but to no avail.
  • There was a lot of convincing at the dining table until they gave their dog Brick some of Amiyah’s veggies one night, and Amiyah started eating them!
  • Since then, Amiyah was convinced that eating veggies was a good idea.

Convincing kids to eat vegetables is not easy.

A couple had been long trying to get their daughter, Amiyah, eat vegetables, but they failed for many times. No matter how much they tried persuading her that having veggies was a good idea, Amiyah wouldn’t buy it — until their dog showed them how.

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One night, their dog Brick was standing next to Amiyah at the dining table, likely waiting for some table scraps.

Amiyah’s dad offered Brick some of Amiyah’s veggies, which he, of course, gobbled up. For some reason, that made the little girl try one, too!

“Brickie has a bit of cauliflower, then Amiyah has a bit of cauliflower,” Amiyah and Brick’s dad said in a video about the discovery.’

After a while, Amiyah seemed to get the hang of it and did the routine herself — grabbing some veggies and giving it to Brick then to herself.


We’ve been trying to get Amiyah to eat her veggies for so long. Tonight we found out if we give them to Brick first she’ll eat them ???? ok sis ✋???? ♬ original sound – Brickie boy

In an instant, Brick was on the job of helping her little sister eat healthy food.

The parents were over the moon that they finally unlocked the secret to make Amiyah eat her veggies, and it was right in front of them all along!


Whether Brick just really wanted food scraps or he knew he could offer a little help didn’t really matter. The couple was just grateful that it happened. Perhaps, their daughter trusted Brick so much that she was willing to try anything that he tried.

If only this was discovered way earlier, things could have been a lot easier for the parents. But that’s not what’s important anymore. The sight of Amiyah delighting in her veggie time, with Brick, was more than enough reason to be joyful.

Source: The Dodo