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Pet Pig’s Nightly Ritual Melts Hearts [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Patrick, a pet pig, goes viral on TikTok with his bedtime routine, courtesy of @briankangal.
  • House pigs have gained popularity in the US, with many charmed by their quirky nature, but they require significant training and commitment.
  • While pet pigs can grow up to 500 pounds, for those who can truly commit, they offer unique and heartwarming companionship. 🐷💤🌙

Bedtime – a nightly ritual that transcends species.

Humans have their skincare routines and soft pajamas, while our pets have their own ways to wind down. But ever imagined a pig’s bedtime routine?

Well, thanks to TikTok, the internet is going gaga over one particular porcine’s special night routine.

On August 29th, TikTok user @briankangal showcased Patrick, the lovable pet pig, as he prepped for bed. This wasn’t just any video.

It was a “Get Un-Ready With Me” piggy edition, giving us a glimpse into the nocturnal life of house pigs.

And dare we say, @briankangal may just clinch the title of “Pig Dad of the Year”!


Pigs love bedtime. They offen put themselves to bed, love to cuddle and sleep through the night—until they get up bright and early. #petpig#housepig#unusualpetfriends#pigsarefriendsnotfood#animalperson#cuteanimals#sleepinganimals#animalcuddles#loveallanimals ♬ Good night (piano, gentle, safe)(930979) – TrickSTAR MUSIC

But Patrick isn’t a solitary case. In recent times, especially in the United States, house pigs have swined their way into homes and hearts, numbering in the thousands.

They’re not just limited to homes, either. Television shows like ABC’s American Housewife and Modern Family have brought the concept of pet pigs right into living rooms, making the idea a popular culture phenomenon.

However, the charm of owning a pet pig comes with its challenges. Training is paramount. While pigs can have beds, be housebroken, and even trot along for walks, they require consistent care.

It’s not all fun and games, as some unsuspecting families discover. While they may start as cuddly little piglets, many can grow up to a staggering 500 pounds.

This sudden realization has unfortunately made pet pigs one of the most frequently relinquished pets. Even the so-called “teacup pigs” grow far larger than most anticipate.


Yet, for those who can truly commit, pigs can become part of the family, snorting and all.

Whether you’re a pig parent or just an admirer from a distance, the story of Patrick is a heartwarming reminder of the diverse ways we share our lives with animals.