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Pit Bull and Kitten Bromance Is Real [Video]



  • Maria wanted to get a new pet and hoped that her pit bull Wesley would welcome the new addition.
  • When she adopted a cat named Wyatt, Wesley immediately fell in love with him and treated him like a brother.
  • Wyatt likes his big brother, too so their bromance started and the two are now inseparable.

Adding a new pet to the family is always worrisome no matter how well-behaved your long-time pets are.

Maria already has a pet dog — a pit bull named Wesley. He is a really good dog, very expressive and sweet. Maria always shares photos of him on Instagram since she first brought him home.

When Maria decided to add a new member to the family, she was really anxious. Nevertheless, she adopted a kitten she called Wyatt. Knowing Wesley, Maria is confident her sweet dog would welcome the new addition with open paws.

From the time she brought Wyatt home, she documented their relationship.

Maria was concerned at first that the two wouldn’t get along, but it didn’t take long before that fear went out the window. Once they got used to one another, they began to bond, and now Wesley and Wyatt are practically inseparable!

Their friendship kicked off during playtime. Wyatt is the naughtier one. He likes playing a little rough by nibbling on Wesley’s ears. The big pit bull is incredibly patient and adores his furry friend.

Not only do they play off each other, but they’ve also developed some human characteristics that crack Maria up! Wesley’s face, for example, is naturally expressive.

“He’s like a cartoon character,” Maria told The Dodo. “You can always tell what he’s thinking.”

Wyatt has some weird but adorable habits too. When the two cuddle, Wyatt’s purr is so loud, the neighbors could hear him.

“I think I was just drawn to both of them, because of their odd characteristics,” Maria said. “And I think that’s also why they get along so well. They’re both such special souls.”

Maria believes that it was Wesley that basically raised Wyatt. It’s no wonder he acts more like a dog than a cat sometimes!


The love between the two friends is obvious. Their bromance is real!

Source: Inspire More