Pittie Hilariously Screams Like a Velociraptor [Video]

Pittie Hilariously Screams Like a Velociraptor

  • Kristin came upon Mo, a pittie, during a rough patch.
  • She has since discovered that Mo’s preferred way of communication is by screaming like a velociraptor!
  • Mo’s unique screaming has since earned him thousands of fans on Instagram.

When a woman from Arizona came upon a large pittie near her apartment, she had no idea that the sweet pup will become her best friend — or even a social media influencer!

It was the day before Father’s Day about a year ago, and Kristin Allen was dealing with the annual reminder of the loss of her father. So when she spotted the pit bull, she felt comfort from his friendly presence.

She recalled, “He ran straight up to me, rested his head on my right leg, and looked up at me — panting but smiling, with that pittie face, that pittie smile.”

Pittie Hilariously Screams Like a Velociraptor
Photo Credit: Instagram

She didn’t know if the pup was already spoken for, so Kristin just took him in for the night and dropped him off at the shelter the next day. There, he will be held for 72 hours while they looked for his owners.

But no owner came forward to claim him, so Kristin got to bring home the sweet pup, now named Mo.

Pittie Hilariously Screams Like a Velociraptor
Photo Credit: Instagram

She shared, “It seemed like a crazy sign that (Mo) walked into my life at a time when I really needed that support. It was one of those ‘Who rescued who?’ stories.”

Kristin made sure to train Mo over the next year and keep him happy with car rides, hiking, and swimming. The energetic dog simply loved these activities!

It was during one of these trips when Kristin found out about Mo’s quirk: he had an unusual scream! And it seemed to be his favorite way of communication.


Mo tends to scream whenever he’s distracted by another animal he sees, or just about whenever he wants some attention.

Kristin said that Mo still barks, but he just usually screams. He sounds more like a velociraptor!


Kristin has since gotten used to all the screams, so she started sharing videos on social media.

Soon, thousands of people found Mo’s screams endearing. His Instagram, Mo the Screaming Staffy, has over 151,000 followers now!

Kristin was touched by all the support. She hopes that more people will join in on the “pittie love.”


Kristin and Mo have since teamed up with One Love Pit Bull Foundation to help educate everyone about pit bulls and end the stigma about their breed.

She hopes that Mo’s fame and platform will help shine a light on other rescue dogs in need.

Pittie Hilariously Screams Like a Velociraptor
Photo Credit: Instagram

You can check out more of Mo’s road trips and screams on his Instagram.


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