Pup has tearjerking reaction to getting ‘Cuddle Clone’ of late friend [Video]

Pup has tearjerking reaction to getting 'Cuddle Clone' of late BFF

  • Watson’s BFF Kiko sadly passed away in February afetr losing his second cancer battle.
  • The golden retriever’s family has done several things to help him grieve, including getting him a Cuddly Clone of his late friend.
  • Watson instantly loved the plushie and cuddled with it, now knowing that his friend will always be with him.

Golden retriever Watson lost his BFF Kiko to cancer on February 1, 2022. To help let him know that Kiko will always be with him, Watson’s mom surprised him with a Cuddle Clone of his late friend.

Photo Credit: TikTok/wat.ki0

Everyone has a different way to cope with the pain of losing someone. So despite our inability to communicate clearly with our pets, we can only do our best to comfort them as we go through the process together.

Watson’s mom decided to gift him a cuddly Kiko “so he can always have him close.” She added, โ€œKikoโ€™s nickname was Big Sweetie, so I named plush Kiko Lil Sweetie.โ€

Take a look at Watson’s reaction to Lil Sweetie. Don’t forget to have some tissues at the ready!

Watson’s love for Kiko is plain to see. The video had us in tears!

Apparently, several viewers also teared up after seeing Watson cuddle his new plushy.

Pup has tearjerking reaction to getting 'Cuddle Clone' of late BFF
Photo Credit: TikTok/wat.ki0

“I started crying as soon as I saw Watson,” one viewer commented. Another wrote, โ€œHe acts like he understands every word you say.โ€

Watson’s mom shared in the comments that they’ve done several other things to help Watson through the grieving process. The pup also has other playmates to keep him company since his family has other pets in their home.

No one can really replace Watson’s right-hand man. But Watson knows now that Kiko is never really too far away.

Pup has tearjerking reaction to getting 'Cuddle Clone' of late BFF
Photo Credit: TikTok/wat.ki0

As his mom has said, โ€œKiko is always with him.โ€

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How sweet, so sad,his best friend passed, but it seems he like Watson knows, his friend, will be back and with him forever.

kurt gandenberger

since the soul is eternal, we can suspect kiko and watson might be together again.

I had a really cool dog, Halston that I loved like a son, he was always so easy to be around and very funny dog. He had a heart murmur for years and passed away in the yard, it was a terrible day for our family. My wife went out and picked up a 6 year old mutt we call Rufus and he is just an awesome and still is to this day has many habits Halston did. He would never in go in the area of where Halston died in the yard, never, not one time, then I went to pick up my wife to run to the hospital, as her Father was not doing well and by the time I got to where my wife was to take her to the hospital, she stated that her Father passed away. Rufus, the second dog was barking and barking to get outside and we were in a hurry to get to the hospital, so I let Rufus out in the yard and he went right to the area Halston died and still uses that area today like he always use that spot. It was like Halston’s little spirit was waiting for Doc (my wife’s Father, to move onto the next stage, to this day it still makes the hair on my neck stand up to witness that. So I do believe that we will all see our great pets again, until then I just thought I would share that hair raising experience