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Pup loves having brush time with grandma [Video]



  • Like many pups, Ghost’s favorite place to visit is Nana’s house.
  • Grandma loves brushing Ghost’s fur, just like she brushed the hair of Ghost’s mom when she was just a kid.
  • Ghost feels so calm whenever she’s brushed by Nana that she even falls asleep sometimes!

Meet Ghost, a sweet American bulldog who loves spending time with her grandma. There, they enjoy having brush time together.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ghost_payton

Of course, Ghost loves spending time with her mom, Jernissa Williams, at home. But there’s just something special at grandma’s house.

Jernissa shared, “Ghost often cries to go to my mother’s house. [My mom] buys her treats, toys, clothes,and food. She is the Ultimate Nana, as we call her.”

And what does Ghost love the most about visiting Nana? Brush time.

Nana used to brush Jernissa’s hair when she was just a kid, so she now does the same for her granddog.

Jernissa said that brush time is “something they do often. It’s definitely their bonding period.”

Ghost clearly loves every second with Nana. Brush time makes her feel so calm that she would even fall asleep. Then Nana would tell her to lift her head up!

Photo Credit: TikTok/jernissa_ghost

Jernissa and her mom love the activity, as well. Nana gets to brush the hair of a beloved little one again, while Jernissa always feels “warm and fuzzy” whenever she watches Nana and Ghost’s wholesome interactions.

Just look at that smile!

Photo Credit: Jernissa Williams

Here’s to more visits and brush time with Nana!

Source: The Dodo