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Pup Tricks Sibling into Giving up Prime Sofa Spot [Video]



  • Kilo and Gypsy have been competing for the sofa spot closest to their mom for years.
  • Kilo has even learned to trick Gypsy into leaving her spot by pretending to want to play with her!
  • While Gypsy has fallen for the trick every time, the sofa still has more than enough space for the two of them.

Even dogs get to deal with sibling rivalry.

Take for example these sweet pups named Kilo and Gypsy.

Photo Credit: HOLLY SUAREZ

Their sibling rivalry can get a bit hilarious, though, especially when they compete for the same spot on the sofa.

Their owner, Holly Suarez, told The Dodo that the two are both rescues. Their favorite pastimes include snuggling with her on the sofa.

The best spot — the spot closest to Holly — only has space for one, however.

“Who wouldn’t want to be by Mom?” Holly told The Dodo.

Kilo has even devised a clever trick to free up the space when Gypsy has already claimed it.

She tries to lure Gypsy away by pretending she wants to play with her! When Gypsy jumps off the sofa, Kilo immediately grabs the spot for herself.


Take a look at how Kilo does it:

This is how Kilo gets Gypsy out of her spot. Gypsy falls for it every time. Every. Time. ????????Posted by Holly Suarez on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Holly recalls the first time she witnessed Kilo in action: “I thought, ‘What just happened? Did Kilo really just trick Gypsy? Dogs don’t do that, do they? I didn’t really think her plan would work, but it does — every time.”

It turns out that Kilo has been doing it for years — and she has succeeded each time!

Photo Credit: HOLLY SUAREZ

Poor Gypsy! But according to Holly, getting duped by Kilo doesn’t seem to affect Gypsy that much.

Holly shares, “She’s a bit bummed that Kilo doesn’t actually want to play, but I either end up playing with her or she just jumps right back on the couch like nothing happened.”

The sofa has more than enough space for the two of them, anyway.

Photo Credit: HOLLY SUAREZ

Kilo and Gypsy may be dealing with some sibling rivalry, but they just both love being the closest to Mom. Besides, Holly loves them equally.

And while Kilo may think she’s winning, Holly makes sure the siblings get equal time in their favorite spot beside her on the sofa.

“I love them both,” she said.

Source: The Dodo