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jealous dog fakes injury to get bandage like brother

Jealous Dog Fakes An Injury After Her Brother Hurts His Paw

Mabel loved being an only dog until she had to share her parents’ attention with her new baby brother. She would get jealous when another pet, like the cat, would get special treatment even...
dog siblings fight over shotgun seat

“Shotgun!”: Dog Siblings Fight Over Who Gets The Front Seat Of The Car [Video]

Great Dane sisters Luna and Kala, like most siblings, usually fight over who will ride on the front seat, a.k.a. the shotgun seat. One time, they decided they would just sit together in the...
Pup Tricks Sibling into Giving up Prime Sofa Spot

Pup Tricks Sibling into Giving up Prime Sofa Spot [Video]

Kilo and Gypsy have been competing for the sofa spot closest to their mom for years. Kilo has even learned to trick Gypsy into leaving her spot by pretending to want to play with...