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“Shotgun!”: Dog Siblings Fight Over Who Gets The Front Seat Of The Car [Video]



  • Great Dane sisters Luna and Kala, like most siblings, usually fight over who will ride on the front seat, a.k.a. the shotgun seat.
  • One time, they decided they would just sit together in the front.
  • Their mom eventually had to ask both of them to sit in the back instead of choosing a side.

When going for car rides, siblings usually fight over who gets to ride on the front seat, also known as the shotgun seat. It turns out that dogs love this seat, too!

Great Dane sisters Luna and Kala are inseparable and love going on car rides together. They usually accompany their mom when she picks up their human siblings from school. But they end up fighting over who gets the shotgun seat.

“For the most part, Kala is always up front with me, she seems to like it the most,” said their mom, Rachel Smith. “But recently Luna has been wanting to sit up there even if it’s only for a couple minutes.”

Photo Credit: Rachel Smith

One day, Rachel was getting ready to go to school when Luna and Kala both rushed to the front seat and quickly sat on their spot.

It seemed like both called shotgun at the same time!

The two big dogs squeezed together on the tiny seat, while their mom can’t help but laugh at their silliness.

Rachel said that the sisters had previously tried fighting over the seat, but this was the first time that they “actually made it into the seat at the same time.”

While they were considered small for their breed at 105 lbs each, it was still quite a squeeze.

“Had we not been running behind to pick up their human brother from school, I would have let them bask in the glory a little longer,” Rachel jested.

Photo Credit: Rachel Smith

Eventually, Rachel had to get both Luna and Kala to sit in the back. While they did call shotgun at the same time, letting them both ride in the front wasn’t safe, and Rachel did not want to choose a side.

Both of them may have lost the chance to sit on their favorite spot that day, but at least they got to sit next to each other, and they certainly love that, too.


Source: The Dodo