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Puppy Joins Brother’s Bubble Bath by Hopping into the Tub [Video]



  • Six-month-old German shepherd Willow and 2-year-old Adler have been inseparable ever since the sweet puppy joined the family.
  • One day, Adler was having his bubble bath when Willow decided to join in on the bubble fun.
  • So she hopped into the tub and got her share of the bubbles, while Adler enjoyed the shared bath time!

Most siblings love doing everything together — even baths.

Such a bond developed between Willow, a 6-month-old German shepherd, and his brother, 2-year-old Adler.

Their mom, Emily Furry, shared, “This sweet pup is AMAZING with him.” The two young siblings are simply inseparable!

Emily witnessed such a moment unfold one Saturday in April when Adler was having his bubble bath:

I cannot.. Edit- people asked me if they can share, feel free! It made me smile ???? (please contact me before using it for any promotional uses) Edit edit- yes we have a tv in our master bathroom, this is where I get my mom my son doesn’t sit in front of a tv all day and night, he’s not paying attention to her because this is a normal occurrence ???? Edit edit edit- it’s baby shampoo, she’s fine..he’s fine..we’re all fine. ???? Edit—edition 4- The TV is mounted to the stud in the wall, if the tv falls it comes unplugged. This was professionally installed..nobody is getting electrocuted. I have a better chance of getting hit by lighting than my TV falling and killing me. Copyright – Emily FurryPosted by Emily Furry on Saturday, April 11, 2020

Emily simply “cannot” contain her feelings when she shared the hilarious clip of Willow’s antics.

In the video, Willow can be seen struggling to climb into the tub to join her brother.

Photo Credit: Emily Furry/Facebook

Willow had to try a couple of times before she managed to get into the tub. And once she did, she made sure to get her share of the bubbles.

Photo Credit: Emily Furry/Facebook

And before you start to worry, Emily assured everyone that the bubble bath is made of mild baby shampoo.

Adler didn’t seem to mind at all. He could even be seen smiling and laughing as soon as his goofy sister joined him.

Photo Credit: Emily Furry/Facebook

Their mom said that this happens frequently, so Adler’s completely used to sharing his bubble bath. We’re gonna go ahead and guess that his bath time is more fun with Willow by his side.

Photo Credit: Emily Furry/Facebook

These siblings are just too cute! Such a sweet bond between a boy and a puppy always makes for precious moments.

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