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Rare Pink Pug With Blue Eyes Now Training To Become A Star



  • Maria has fallen in love at first sight with Milkshake — a 17-month-old pug with blue eyes and rare pink color.
  • Milkshake even has his own Instagram account and is now training for commercials and movies.
  • Whatever movie Milkshake will be starring in the future, his fans will surely be there to support him.

Becoming a star was definitely written in Milkshake’s destiny.

There is just something about the 17-month-old dog that is so lovable and adorable people wouldn’t stop and stare at him every time. That’s totally understandable because the little pup does not only have stunning blue eyes, but he is also one of the less than 100 rare pink pugs in the whole world.

Photo Credit: milkshakethepug (Instagram)

Maria, from London, England, fell in love with Milkshake at first sight!

“I had never even heard of pink pugs before, but when I went to the breeder and spotted Milkshake, I thought he was adorable and knew I had to have him,” she said.

Photo Credit: milkshakethepug (Instagram)

Milkshake’s pinkishness was actually due to lack of pigmentation, which, fortunately, does not affect his health at all.

“He’s not actually albino – he just has the coloring so he doesn’t suffer from any sight loss or hearing loss,” Maria said. “He’s a happy, healthy boy.”

Photo Credit: milkshakethepug (Instagram)

Thousands of people have also fallen in love with Milkshake. You can even visit his Instagram account if you doubt that.

But of course, Michelle is still the one most in love with Milkshake and she spoils him every time—spa, photoshoots, and lots and lots of treats.

In addition to his online fame, and from competing in various national dog shows, Milkshake will also soon be very well known as he trains to be cast for commercials and movies.

Photo Credit: milkshakethepug (Instagram)

Good thing, Milkshake is a humble star and he doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with his sister Princess.

No matter what movies Milkshake will be starring in, he will certainly stay as adorable and as lovable as he is now.

“A lot of people messaged me saying they’d had a bad day and seeing Milkshake really cheered them up,” Maria said.

Well, that cuteness is clearly indisputable.

Source: Inspire More