Rescued Cat Tugs On Mom’s Hand To Show Her Proudest Accomplishments

  • Zoey Chelf adopted a pregnant cat who tugs at her hand whenever she wants to be comforted.
  • But when the cat was about to give birth, she bit her mom’s toes to emphasize the urgency.
  • The cat now tugs at her hand several times a day to bring her to where her kittens are.

When Gracie the cat was midway through her pregnancy, she was adopted by her mom, Zoey Chelf.

Since then, whenever she needed comfort, she would nibble on her mom’s hand. 

One day, Gracie bit her mom’s toes and pulled on her blanket to tell her she was about to give birth.

Chelf said, “She followed me when I tried to give her space to have her birth naturally, so when I stayed with her, she finally settled down so she could do it.”

And out came four boys and four girls.  Several times during the day, Gracie pulls her mom’s hands to show her proudest accomplishments— the kittens. “She comes to me throughout the day and will meow or nibble me to follow her to check them out. She likes me to sit with her and pet her while she nurses,” Chelf narrated.

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Chelf said that Gracie is a fantastic and amazing mom who is a natural at parenting. “She stays with [her kittens] the majority of the day. And when she’s not with them, she’s lying with me. She snuggles with them and it is the cutest thing!”, added Chelf.

The feline family is now safe under Chelf’s care and when the kittens are old enough, they will be opened for adoption. 

Chelf is grateful that she and Gracie’s paths have crossed. Gracie makes her laugh, snuggles with her when she cries and has given her a purpose.

We wish you a long and happy life together. 

Source: The Dodo

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