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Rescuer Gives New Life to Husky Abused by Breeders



  • Silvia Rayssa was able to save a Siberian husky named Maya, who ended up being paralyzed at the hands of unethical breeders.
  • Maya soon recovered and flourished under Silvia’s care.
  • She is now loving life and happily moving around with the help of a custom wheelchair.

Maya the Siberian husky suffered at the hands of unethical breeders for five long years at a puppy mill in Goiânia, Brazil.

She was underweight, and had become paralyzed from the waist down. She had been tied up, beaten, starved, and neglected, and was about to be fed rat poison to end her suffering.

Fortunately, Silvia Rayssa came to her aid.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Silvia shared that she wouldn’t forget what she saw that day on August 28, 2016. She could see the relief in Maya’s face as they left that awful place.

As a veteran foster mom who has “always been passionate about animals,” Silvia channeled all her energy into caring for Maya, even as she was going through a rough time as well.

Silvia made sure to stay by Maya as she fought through the pain during the first two days.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The husky was understandably “skittish at first.”

“She had never known the love of a family, she never knew a caress. For five years of her life, she only knew a cold, dark cage. She only knew the worst side of the human being,” Silvia remarked.

Silvia recalled how heavy it felt to find out that Maya “became paraplegic because she was beaten up,” and that she may never walk again.


But thanks to Silvia’s care, Maya soon blossomed. She was also able to quickly adjust to a wheelchair so she could get around.

Maya can now happily move around! She simply loves going on hikes and running around all day.

After nearly five years since Maya’s rescue, she is now healthy and happy, thanks to the loving care of her forever family.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Silvia shared, “Maya changed my life, and that of many people, with the history of overcoming, compassion, and love that we are still living today. There are no wounds that love cannot heal!”

Thank you, Silvia, for continuing to rescue mistreated animals and for healing them with love.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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