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Rescuers Find Miracle Dog Who Survived California Wildfire



  • California has faced the largest wildfire in history and the first responders, firefighters, rescuers, and volunteers, are working nonstop to save communities and lives in all forms.
  • That includes the life of a helpless pup found in the middle of a ravaged property in Berry Creek. 
  • Upon seeing the pup and rescuing him amidst a lifeless place devastated by fire, the joy they felt was undeniable and they considered him a miracle!

California has experienced the largest wildfire in history this year, with about 8,000 fires ravaging 3.3 million acres of land.

To say that the first responders and firefighters have been overwhelmed is an understatement. But despite the loss and devastation, little miracles happen that make them smile genuinely from the heart. 

Photo Credit: @bcsonews (Facebook)

On September 11, in a ravaged property in Berry Creek, rescuers found a survivor puppy waiting for them! The members of the rescue team from the Butte County Sheriff’s Office saw the pup who was left alone by the owner when he could not be found, but incredibly survived the fire. 

“After doing some investigating, we found out that the owner of the property has several dogs and was not able to locate them all before needing to evacuate,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook.

Photo Credit: @bcsonews (Facebook)

Fortunately, the little pup is healthy except for minor burns. He had to be sent to the vet in Chico for further examination and the rescuers were a little sad to see him go.

They will never forget the joy they felt when they spotted, saved, and held the sole life that survived in the middle of a lifeless place.

They consider Trooper, as they named the pup, a miracle.

Photo Credit: @bcsonews (Facebook)

We are extremely grateful for everyone who risked their lives to save communities as much as they can! Salute!

We are happy as well that Trooper survived and may he recover quickly and reunite with his family!

Source: Inspire More