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Round-Shaped Furball Isn’t Actually Fat — She has Scoliosis



  • When Pitoe was brought at a family’s veterinary clinic three years ago, it was revealed that she had severe scoliosis.
  • The condition forces her body to grow in width while remaining short in length — making her look like a very round furball.
  • Thankfully, Pitoe has found a loving family that loves her just the way she is.

Pitoe was only a kitten when she met Marie, who was working at her family’s veterinary clinic.

A breeder had brought the gray kitten in three years ago to check why she had a very round, short body and had difficulty moving around.

It turns out that Pitoe was born with severe scoliosis.

“The owner was going to have her put down because of the severity [of her condition] and the thought that he’d never be able to sell this cat. But my mom realized this kitty might actually still live a good life, though she probably wouldn’t be very mobile,” Marie told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Instagram/pitoethecat

Marie’s grandparents had always wanted a cat but worried that such an active pet wouldn’t be happy in their apartment.

So Pitoe was surrendered to the veterinary clinic and found a loving family with Marie’s grandparents.

“My grandparents love her to bits and spoil her rotten. We all check up on her so she stays healthy and pain-free,” Marie shared.

Pitoe’s crooked spine has forced her body to grow in width while remaining short in length.


She also walks with a distinctive waddle since one of her hind legs is not fully functional.

Pitoe might have difficulty jumping, but she makes up for it with her expert climbing skills. She also loves the extra attention.

Pitoe is definitely loved at her new home. Her parents make sure she is on a healthy diet so that her weight is maintained. They also try to keep her active as much as possible.

“She’s just the sweetest kitty. She’s very chill with my grandparents, which is perfect, but can be very playful, too,” Marie shared.

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Source: The Dodo