Scottish island residents save U.S. couple’s dream wedding after losing their luggage

  • Couple Amanda and Paul Riesel were all set for their dream wedding on the Isle of Skye when their three-day trip to the island turned into a nightmare.
  • The couple encountered plane delays and cancellations and even lost their luggage.
  • Scottish islanders lent the couple the kilt and wedding dress for a beautiful Celtic wedding to happen.

The Isle of Skye is a picture-perfect wedding destination for those who want to realize their dream wedding photos.  Visualize the bride in her white wedding dress set against a background of melancholic skies, verdant green grass, seas that rush to the rocky shore forming white crests on dark hills and cliffs, and you get stunning photos.

But the dream turned into a nightmare as Amanda and Paul Riesel traveled to the island from Florida.   

Photo Credit: Love Skye Photography/Rosie Woodhouse

Here’s what their nightmare was made of— flight delays and cancellations which turned the couple’s travel time into 72 hours and lost luggage.  They made it to Skye at 11 in the evening, the night before their scheduled wedding, with just their wedding rings and the clothes on their backs.

Fortunately, their wedding photographer Rosie Woodrose appealed to the social media community. Woodrose said, “I told them I was sure I could make this work, and Skye is an amazing place.” And to top it all, the local islanders were amazing people!

Photo Credit: Love Skye Photography/Rosie Woodhouse

Woodrose added, “We had a full kilt set for Paul and a beautiful wedding dress for Amanda.” The wedding dress came from a woman who has the same employment as Amanda— a cafeteria lady at school and cared for kids the way she does!

And so, the dream wedding took place in beautiful Skye with blessings from its equally beautiful people.

Photo Credit: Love Skye Photography/Rosie Woodhouse

As Amanda put it, “The people of Skye will be famous in Orlando because we will tell anyone who will listen that they are the reason our love was cemented into a perfectly imperfect wedding day.”

Source: Good News Network

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