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Screeching Kitten Switches To Cute Meows After Door Opens [Video]



  • A kitten was dubbed as “demonic” for screeching loudly behind a closed door.
  • The kitten suddenly switched his loud screeches to softer meows once the door was opened.
  • His owner explained that the wind accidentally closed the door so he was calling for his owner’s attention.

The online world can’t get enough of a kitten who seemed to have the ability to quickly switch to a different personality once he got someone’s attention.

In a video shared on TikTok, a kitten can be heard screeching behind a closed door. His loud, incessant screeches prompted the video creator to call him “demonic.” As soon as the door opened, the kitten’s cries immediately switched to calmer, sweeter meows.

The video creator called the kitten a “little cute sassy baby” for instantly changing to his “customer service” voice once he got noticed.

The video, posted on January 17, has since earned 3.8 million views and 554,000 likes on TikTok.

Amused viewers couldn’t help but formulate their own reasoning for the kitten’s cries. One wrote, “bro was fighting his inner demons,” while another joked, “The manipulation really does start young.”

Photo Credit: TikTok/shirlen_catslover

Other viewers, meanwhile, expressed concern for the kitten. One viewer admonished the video creator and commented, “That’s a kitten that desperately needs attention. It’s not demonic, it’s a baby.” Another wrote, “Poor baby was terrified of being in that room all alone.”

Some people suggested that the kitten could be experiencing separation anxiety, which could explain why his mood instantly lifted upon seeing his owner again and why he instantly ran out of the room he was in.

Acording to Chicago-based Metropolitan Veterinary Center, “cats have plenty of different personality types, and many of them do experience separation anxiety” like dogs. Separation anxiety in cats can manifest through excessive meowing or extreme excitement upon being reunited with their owner.

Photo Credit: about shin/Unsplash

The veterinary center recommends that owners slowly re-train their pets to feel comfortable in their absence. This can start by leaving the cat alone for short periods of time or leaving a television or radio on during that time alone to lessen the feeling of isolation.

The center suggested, “Create a nook, safe haven, or refuge for your cat that is their safe space and provide plenty of toys and/or puzzles for playtime while you are gone.”


The video creator assured concerned viewers that the kitten is safe and well, and that he wasn’t in serious distress. They wrote, “Don’t worry … He was asleep with his mom at that room and mom just woke up staying in the hall. The door was accidentally closed by wind.”

Source: Newsweek