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Seagulls Ruin Couple’s Plan to Record Cute Beach Moment [Video]



  • Jace Spicer and his girlfriend were at the beach when they thought about capturing the beautiful sunset-lit moment at the beach.
  • So Jace set up a phone in the sand and hit record — not knowing that seagulls are about to photobomb them!
  • When they checked the video, they couldn’t help but laugh at how the seagulls stole the show.

Sunset at the beach is the perfect moment for a romantic or cute photo, especially for couples.

So that’s what Jace Spicer and his girlfriend set out to do at Dampier Beach in Western Australia. Jace placed his phone on the sand and set it up so it could capture the good view.

After hitting record, the couple then headed down to the water to bask in the sunset.

When they returned to check the footage, they were hoping to see a cute, romantic clip that they could share on social media.

But all they saw were seagulls.

It turns out that some seagulls decided to steal the spotlight.

The seagulls even helped create some funny photos in which they looked like they were about to chomp on the couple.

Seagulls Ruin Couple's Plan to Record Cute Beach Moment
Photo Credit: Jace Spicer

Jace said that they were “totally oblivious” that the seagulls had been photobombing them.

The couple had been hoping for a cute video, but they still found humor in the unbelievable circumstances.

“We burst out into laughter rewatching the video, not believing our eyes [at] what actually happened,” he told The Dodo. “Every time we skipped back, we laughed even harder ’til we were out of breath.”

Seagulls Ruin Couple's Plan to Record Cute Beach Moment
Photo Credit: Jace Spicer

The video ended up giving them a good laugh.

Still, they couldn’t help but wonder if it had been a significant life event — like a proposal — instead of a simple day at the beach. That would definitely be a memorable one!

Source: The Dodo