Secret Camera Captures Reason for Woman’s Sleeping Trouble (And It Is Not The Dog!) [Video]

  • A woman installs a security camera to know why she has sleeping troubles.
  • Video captures her moving around in her sleep while her dog just stays close the whole night.
  • The woman would not change her nightly routine with her dog, not even a guy who told her not to let the dog sleep in her bed. 

Kristin Wolf has been having sleeping problems.  She says that she wakes up either laying sideways or even at the foot of the bed.

She thinks that maybe her dog Fenway has something to do with it but did not want to lay blame on the dog.  The two rarely sleep apart.  When Fenway is nearby, Wolf feels safest.  Fenway on the other hand, loves to snuggle with his mom.

So grateful my dog let’s me sleep in the corner of his bed❤️ Has anyone else ever done a time lapse like this?! This was actually a good night and he let me sleep in ????

Posted by Kristin Wolf on Sunday, 4 August 2019

In order to answer her questions and know the reason or reasons why she has interrupted sleep, she decided to install a security camera in her bedroom.

That’s when the truth came out.  It was not Fenway, but her!

Photo Credit: Fenway’s Fight against Blastomycosis (Facebook)

Wolf said, “What I learned was that I think it’s actually me who moves a lot. [I] didn’t realize he stays that close all night.”

In fairness to Fenway, he had no idea that there was a camera monitoring his nightly movements and he just slept like he does every night. He stayed relatively calm and snuggled with his mom.

Dog parents could not help but relate to Wolf when she posted the video on Facebook. She wrote, “So grateful my dog lets me sleep in the corner of his bed. This was actually a good night and he let me sleep in.”

The video also showed how Fenway’s health condition affects the way he sleeps.  He is in remission from a life-threatening fungal disease called blastomycosis.

Photo Credit: Kristin Wolf

Wolf said, “When he was sick, he was even more cuddly. He was always under my arms as a little spoon. Now, he’s back to preferring the bend of my knees.”

And aside from his sleeping preference, Wolf says that Fenway blanket thief and couch hog.

But Wolf, who has dumped a guy because he did not like Fenway sleeping on her bed, says she would not change her nightly routine with her pup for the world.

And besides, she’s the one who moves a lot, not Fenway.

Source: The Dodo

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