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‘Secret’ Labrador Couple Enjoy Sweet Cuddles At Daycare [Video]



  • Labradors Sasha and Otto were caught on camera affectionately snuggling up with each other.
  • The romantic moment between the two was revealed during their time together at a daycare center.
  • Viewers felt a bit embarrassed to witness such a private romantic moment.

A seemingly “secret” relationship was revealed when two Labradors, Sasha and Otto, were caught on camera discreetly sharing a romantic snuggle on a couch at their daycare center.

In the video, we can see two Labradors showering each other with affectionate nudges as they snuggled up to each other on a sofa in a distant corner of a room.

The text overlay read, “POV: Your dog has a girlfriend at daycare,” while video caption read, “Sasha and Otto cuddle in the back, in secret.”

The owner of the TikTok account is actually a certified dog trainer, who also founded the doggie daycare center where the beautiful Labrador relationship blossomed. The Hundgarden Lidingo (Lidingo Dog Park) in eastern Stockholm offers everything from dog training to dog walking.

The video, which was shared on TikTok on January 4, has since earned over 402,000 views, nearly 62,000 likes, and nearly 800 comments. It has become the center’s most popular video so far!

Photo Credit: TikTok/hundkillen

Several commenters gushed over the sweet relationship between the pair and even felt embarrassed to “walk in” on such a private moment. The classical piano music in the background amps up the romantic atmosphere.

One comment read, “I feel like I am invading their privacy watching this,” while another commenter wrote, “I feel like I shouldn’t be watching this.” The video uploader responded, “Hahah, I caught them on camera doing this in secret.”

Labradors are known to be affectionate

Labrador owners are no strangers to these sweet pups’ affection.

Insurance provider Petplan lists Labradors as excellent companions for being affectionate, agreeable, easy-going, and sensitive.

That could explain why Sasha and Otto preferred to chill on the couch instead of playing with other dogs.

Photo Credit: Daniel Joshua/Unsplash

Labradors originated from Newfoundland, Canada. The breed is known to have an average lifespan of over 10 years.

Because of their versatility of being both service dogs and loving companions, Labradors are also listed as “one of the most popular pedigree breeds” by The Kennel Club.

Source: Newsweek