Seeing Ollie the Pup’s Movie Night Makes You Wanna Watch Movies With Him [Video]

  • Ollie the pup gets to pick fun activities with his human on weekends.
  • On this specific weekend, they got to pick movie night from the jar of activities and Ollie is excited!
  • Ollie got decked in a Perry the Platypus costume while hugging Perry the stuffed toy, munching on popcorn that his human cooked while he supervised and cuddled with his favorite human.

Weekends are exciting for Ollie the pup.  He gets to do special activities with his favorite human on weekends!  In a jar, there are suggested activities that they get to pick out, prepare for and enjoy when the weekend rolls in.

This one weekend, they picked… movie night!

@good.boy.ollie He only ever wants to watch the same movie 😂 #movienight #dog #labrador ♬ You’ve Got a Friend In Me – Cavetown

Mind you, this is no ordinary movie night as everything is done with careful consideration. 

First, the tasty snacks should make you feel you are in the cinema so popcorn it is!  And Ollie gets to watch and ensure that everything is running smoothly in popping the corn.  His tail wag will indicate if the popcorn is done perfectly!

Photo Credit: @good.boy.ollie (TikTok)

Second, comfy clothes are in order.  Ollies costume: Perry the Platypus!  To complete the experience, a stuffed toy of Perry, who Ollie has happily invited to be with them, will form the trio of moviegoers!

So, off they go to a delightful night watching the “real” Perry with the rest of the “Phineas and Ferb” cast.

Photo Credit: @good.boy.ollie (TikTok)

In the video, as the movie played, Ollie was comfortably cuddled with his favorite human, Ollie felt a little sleepy.  The excitement and the loving environment has him content.  Who wouldn’t?  Life is good!  

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