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Shelter Rescues Give Lonely Puppy The Sweetest Welcome [Video]



  • Osito suddenly found himself alone when his former family abandoned him.
  • The lonely puppy was soon taken in by a shelter for homeless dogs, where he was greeted with a very warm welcome!
  • Armed with newfound confidence, Osito eventually found a new forever family.

Little Osito suddenly found himself alone one day when his former family decided to abandon him. The lonely puppy had no idea what to do, and he had no friends.

Thankfully, news of his situation reached Felicia Quispe Arana, who runs a shelter for homeless dogs in Cusco, Peru.

Photo Credit: Colitas Sin Techo

Felicia had no idea how the current canine residents of Colitas Sin Techo would receive Osito. He would be the only puppy among big, adult dogs.

Felicia told The Dodo, “There are no puppies at our shelter. All the dogs are big and most of them are adults. I didn’t know how they’d react to Osito when they met him.”

Little Osito was understandably nervous. It was his first time in a new place, surrounded by new faces. But the shelter residents gave him the sweetest welcome, and just as suddenly, he was lonely no more.

“At first, Osito was intimidated by the sight of so many large dogs. [After meeting the other dogs], he felt comfortable and walked around with great confidence,” Felicia shared.

The once lonely puppy now had a lot of friends.

It wasn’t long, however, before he was taken in by a new forever family.

Photo Credit: Colitas Sin Techo

Felicia shared, “[We were] able to find a person who ended up adopting him. Now he has a family, and I hope he has a long life and is happy.”

Hopefully, Osito’s new friends at the shelter could find their forever families as well.

Source: The Dodo