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Single Mom Got Curious About Her Adopted Kids So They Did DNA Tests And They Turned Out To Be Biological Siblings! 



  • Katie Page went through quite some struggles in life — infertility and divorce. 
  • But despite all that she still wanted to be a mother.
  • So she adopted kids and to her surprise, they turned out to be biological siblings.

Katie Page from Parker, Colorado struggled with infertility and went through a divorce. Despite these harsh bumps on the road, she still dreamed of becoming a mother. That’s why in 2016, she started fostering children in need. 

Facebook | Katie Page

In 2017, she was asked to foster a baby that was abandoned. “The minute I saw him in the hospital, I fell in love,” she told Good Morning America. The baby’s name is Grayson and in May of that year, she officially adopted him. 

After the adoption was finalized, Katie received another call not long after. It was about a baby girl who also needs a foster parent. As soon as she met Hannah, she felt the same special connection towards her as she did with Grayson. She knew right there and then, she was meant to be a part of her family. 

Once they were at home, she noticed Hannah’s birth mother’s name matched Grayson’s and also, she said, [The caseworkers] told me her story, which was really similar to Grayson’s.”

Her curiosity led her to have both kids undergo DNA tests — and as it turned out, they are biological siblings!

Facebook | Katie Page

Both of the kids’ personalities are different which makes them a perfect pair. Hannah is wild and playful while Grayson is relaxed and collected. 

But their story didn’t end there. The kids’ birth mother had another baby boy named Lewis who also went into the care of Katie. Although she is a single parent, Katie did not even bat an eye to have the little one become part of the family. Lewis was officially adopted last month. 

Facebook | Katie Page

As for Katie, she loves them all equally. “Once I took in Grayson and I accepted being his mom, I accepted his family,” she said.

Source: Inspire More