Sleepy Dog Wakes Up To Newborn Baby Sibling Crying And She’s Not Happy About It [Video]

  • A dog’s unhappy expression over waking up to a crying baby has the internet laughing out loud.
  • The dog’s mom and baby’s mom explained that it was late at night and the two had not yet been introduced to each other.
  • Preparing the dog for the new arrival and introducing them in a quiet room after the dog is tired from walking or playing would be ideal so that the dog does not get confused.

There is much to be said about how our fur babies react to a new addition in the family.  For those who have been properly acquainted, the change would not be as jarring as when they are clueless.

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This is the case of a pit bull mix waking up to the sound of her newborn baby sibling crying.  In the now viral TikTok video of @little_yessii, Pixie peers out from her blanket and gives her owners and the crying baby an icy glare.

Pixie’s mom and the baby’s mother, Yessenia Zamora explained, “That was the first day that the baby was at home, and [the dogs and the baby] had not officially met.

Photo Credit: @little_yessii (TikTok)

Hence the video’s caption: “When you aren’t used to having a newborn at home.”

Zamora continued that it was already late at night and the crying confused Pixie up.  Usually, the pup is a cuddle bug and loving to everyone and loves cuddling.

Photo Credit: @little_yessii (TikTok)

So far, the video has already been liked 204,000 times.

It may have made viewers laugh out loud but here are tips on introducing clingy dogs to their new human siblings from DogsTrust to avoid confusion on the dog’s part. 

  1. Establish a stable routine so that dogs would not what to expect at certain times of the day. Although pups may still struggle to adjust to new babies, they will adapt in time.
  2. The dogs will adjust to newborn-caused disruptions like crying.
  3. Prepare the pup for the coming changes like the amount of time spent with them due to taking care of the baby by giving the longer time alone.
  4. Talk to them that the baby will be arriving so the dog would not be startled with the new addition.
  5. Upon arrival, greet the dog first without the baby and then introduce them after.
  6. Bluecross suggests introducing the dog and baby after the dog is tired from playing or walking.
  7. Do the introduction in a neutral and quiet room and not in their usual hangouts to avoid the dogs from getting territorial.
  8. Lastly, praise the dog’s good behavior after the initial acquaintance and give them a treat.

It is okay, Pixie.  You’ll be good friends in time with the baby.

Source: Newsweek

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