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Smallest Cat Is The Most Dramatic With Performance Deserving Of An Oscar



  • Even at a young age, being the smallest cat in a litter, Chase has always craved attention.
  • When he was adopted to be a companion to another rescued cat, he would demand attention through his loud vocals, troublemaking and being clingy to his mom.
  • In a video, viewers can see how dramatic his reaction is when his mom pretended to hurt him when in fact, he was not hurt at all.

Chase was the smallest kitten in a litter that was abandoned at a gas station.  His human mom Fifi said that Chase came to them while he was still bottle-feeding.  He was used to being carried like a baby.

@dontstopmeowing Not his wife yelling at me in the back 🤣 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Kareem & Fifi

When they first met Chase, he was already very emotional, vocal and clingy and a troublemaker. Even at a young age, Chase already was an attention-getter.

Fifi said they adopted Chase so that their cat Skye would not feel lonely and have a companion. Fifi recalled, “We brought Chase into her life, only to find that she did not like his need for attention.” She added, “Chase tried to socialize and play with Skye, only to realize that he would only violate her space. His personality resembles that of a dog. [He] loves meeting new faces and is full of love.”

Photo Credit: Don’t Stop Meowing/TikTok

Every time Chase would feel that something was wrong, he would immediately go to his mom and ask to be hugged for comfort.  Most of the time, he is not even scared or upset— just attention.

Now at 3 years old, his being dramatic has reached award-worthy levels.  He does everything to get more attention than her siblings, Skye and Millie.

One day, Fifi was brushing him and Chase was already meowing.  Fifi said that she was just touching up his head when she pretended to have hurt him and let out a small grasp and told him she was sorry.  Chase immediately clung to his mom, even if he was not really hurt! 

Photo Credit: Don’t Stop Meowing/TikTok

Watch the drama here: @dontstopmeowing and see if Chase’s performance is worthy of an Oscar. 

Fifi said that all her three cats were rescued.  Adopting them has made them learn how smart, understanding and aware the cats are of their surroundings.  The new perspective has enabled them to help rescue other cats easier and made them better people. 

Source: The Dodo