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Snack Time Delight: Poppy the Prairie Dog Can’t Contain Her Joy!



Quick Smiles:

  • Treat Enthusiast: Poppy’s sheer joy over a simple snack reminds us to find joy in the little things.
  • Adorable Nicknames: Did you know prairie dogs are also called “ground squirrels”?
  • Relatable Moments: Just like Poppy gets excited over tomatoes, many of us have our own favorite treats that make us jump for joy!

While prairie dogs might not share the name with our furry canine companions, they sure do have some dog-like tendencies!

Whether it’s enjoying a good snuggle, frolicking about, or simply relishing snack time, these little critters know how to make hearts melt.

Enter Poppy, the prairie dog with an appetite for excitement. On the sunny day of October 15th, Poppy became an internet sensation as she demonstrated her sheer happiness for snack time in a delightful video.

@poppy_the_prairie_dog Big WAHOO and snackies!! No time to read the mail! Poppy has tomatoes to eat! 😂😛 #prairiedog #animals #pet #funny #petlover #animal #tiktokanimals #cute #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #wahoo ♬ original sound – Poppy the Prairie Dog

“Poppy the prairie dog is just like me when I see tomatoes. They’re too good, it’s not our fault!”

Originating from the grasslands of western North America, prairie dogs have their daily routines of munching on tall, dry grass and scouring for delicious seeds, nuts, and fruits.

They might often be tagged as pests due to their burrowing habits which sometimes wreak havoc on farms, gardens, and yards, yet they’re not classified as invasive. But boy, do they love a hearty snack!


Given their antics, it might be surprising to know that some folks keep prairie dogs as cherished pets. Their care is akin to a Guinea pig: spacious cages, multiple feeding sessions, and time outside the cage for a little stretch.

Just like their rodent cousins, the Guinea pigs, prairie dogs vocalize their pleasure, especially during snack times.

Watching Poppy might just make you ponder, “Maybe it’s time for a new pet?”

Not that we’re influencing your decisions, but those joyful squeaks are hard to resist!