Snow-lover dog finds a frozen cave and settles right in

  • Echo is a Samoyed dog who ultimately loves the snow.
  • One day during a trip in the snowy mountain, she found a snowy cave and, in a jiffy, wanted to stay there for good.
  • Jennifer Wang had to convince Echo to come out which she forcefully did so, but soon found her again in her cave the next time they went for a hike!

Snow-white-snow-loving Samoyed Echo has just found herself a good home away from home, a snow cave found across a snowy mountain — and she’s lovin’ it!

Jennifer Wang, Echo’s mom, shared how Echo loves the snow. “She loves to burrow her entire head into fresh powdery snow, and to dig holes large enough to fit her whole entire body in!”

Photo Credit: Jennifer Wang/The Dodo

True enough, Echo had no hesitation to dwell in the cave and make it her home the moment she saw it. She just made sure, though, that it was safe before chilling inside the snowy cave.

“When my cousin looked in the cave, Echo was still not sure whether it was safe enough for her to go in, but after I stuck my head in, Echo decided that it was safe enough for her to go in as well and crawled right in,” Jennifer said.

When Echo felt safe and cozy in her new found home, she tucked herself in and Jennifer had to sweet-talk her fur baby so she gets out of her dog cave.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Wang/The Dodo

Jennifer thought Echo might have forgotten this experience, but the next time they went out for a walk, Echo knew exactly where her cave was, even though it was almost entirely covered up with snow!

“She dug through the blockage, and slipped right back into her cave. This time she was in there for quite a while, munching on snow, and just laying down and chilling (literally),” Jennifer said.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Wang/The Dodo

Echo’s heart truly beats for her second home. As if she’s missed it after days of being away from it, she decided to snuggle in it for a little bit longer. This worried her mom Jennifer because no way did it show in Echo’s face that she wanted to leave the snow cave this time!

“When we decided that we were going to leave to continue the hike, Echo was not happy with that,” Jennifer said. “We called for her to come out several times but only when we pulled out her treat pouch, she was finally convinced to come out.”

After consistently insisting and convincing Echo to come out of her snow cave, she finally gave in, but looked unhappy about leaving.

Well, Echo was sure, though, that one day, she’d be back in her second chilly home, and maybe, just maybe, she can stay there for a bit longer.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Wang/The Dodo

Source: The Dodo

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Echo is such a beautiful fur baby. Love her story.