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Snowman Whisperer Turns Wyoming Town into Winter Wonderland



Quick Smiles:

  • Pauline Parker, a resident of Burlington, Wyoming, has been spreading joy by creating personalized snowmen for everyone in her town.
  • From a simple hobby, her snowman creation has grown into a town sensation, with more snowmen than people, including a towering 27-foot centerpiece.
  • Parker’s snowman fever has spread to neighboring towns, inspiring a snowman scavenger hunt and winning her a host of fans.

In the charming town of Burlington, Wyoming, where the population is outnumbered by animals, trees, and now, snowmen, one woman has found a unique way to bring joy to her community.

Meet Pauline Parker, the snowman whisperer of Wyoming, who started creating personalized snowmen for her townsfolk back when snow was just a distant memory.

Crafted from wood to prevent any premature melting, Parker’s snowmen project started as a hobby but soon snowballed into a town-wide sensation. The snowmen grew in numbers, eventually outnumbering the town’s residents, with the centerpiece snowman standing tall at an impressive 27 feet.

“I think snowmen bring joy to you,” Parker shared with KTVQ. “My last count was 316; you can find brown-eyed snowman, or blue or green.”

And it’s not just the people of Burlington who are enjoying these frosty figures. News travels fast in small towns, and soon neighboring hamlets were requesting their own personalized snowmen.

In one town, with a mere population of 10, Parker created a snowman version of each resident, posing together under the town’s road sign, mirroring a real-world picture of the same scene. Talk about a cool community portrait!

But the fun didn’t stop there. This month, Parker decided to host a community snowman scavenger hunt, complete with snowman-shaped treats as rewards for correctly answering 20 questions across Burlington, and the neighboring towns of Otto and Emblem.


Parker’s joyful snowman crusade has earned her a flurry of fans, not just among art classrooms in the county, but also among the locals who appreciate her unique way of brightening up their town.

The video is available on YouTube (KTVQ disabled the ability to view outside of the site, but you can click the link and watch on YouTube).