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Southwest Airline crew goes “to infinity and beyond” reuniting Buzz Lightyear to owner



  • Hagen Davis favorite Buzz Lightyear toy was left in an airport during their flight.
  • Jason, the airline’s ramp agent, found the toy, and returned it to Hagen.
  • Jason made Buzz’ homecoming over and beyond, as he came up with little surprises along with it.

A Southwest Airline crew went to “infinity and beyond” in finding the owner of a lost Buzz Lightyear toy robot that was left on a flight.

Jason, the airline’s ramp agent, knew that Buzz Lightyear with the name “Hagen” stamped on the sole of its boot needed to find its way back home, to its rightful owner.

Photo Credit: Ashley Davis/Facebook

The kind crew knew exactly what to do next: look on that day for the passenger with the name Hagen. With the help of Beth, his Coheart, and with much luck, he was able to find out that there was only one “Hagen” aboard that flight!

Meanwhile, toy owner Hagen Davis, along with his mom Ashley, were already on their way to a family member’s funeral when they found out that Buzz Lightyear was missing. 

“My son was devastated,” Ashley said. “He loved his Buzz so much and even had his name written on the bottom of his boot just like the Buzz from the movie has Andy on his.”

Left with so little hope, Ashley still tried to find a way to have Hagen’s most loved toy be brought back to him.

“I looked into how to claim lost items with SWA,” Ashley shared. “The cost alone to submit a claim exceeded the cost of Buzz and chalked it up as a loss.”

Hagen’s family then carried on with their trip, leaving the lost toy behind. But what they didn’t know was that Jason was already up to some pleasant surprise, arranging Buzz Lightyear’s homecoming.

Photo Credit: Southwest Airlines/Facebook

Reaching out to Ashley through email, he confirmed it was indeed Hagen’s lost toy. He decided then to be a little extra in returning Buzz to Hagen.

Jason came up with a hand-decorated box to place Buzz Lightyear into, with photos he took of Buzz while at the airport grounds. He wanted it to appear as if Buzz Lightyear went on a mission at the airport, then towards finding home. As evidence to this mission, Jason included a letter narrating such mission.

Photo Credit: Southwest Airlines/Facebook

Hagen’s mom was so amazed by such act of kindness, effort, and creativity, took to social media her gratefulness to Jason.

“There’s definitely not enough good in this world,” she said in her post. “And for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us.”

Photo Credit: Southwest Airlines/Facebook

“The thought and care he put into getting Hagen his Buzz back when Hagen left him on the plane in Dallas was beyond thoughtful and sweet,” she continued. “It will be a memory he has to cherish forever and an incredibly cool story to tell as he gets older,” Ashley explained.