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Starbucks Barista Sings Opera Upon Customer’s Request And His Voice Is Incredible! [Video]



  • Jason Berger works at Starbucks and Grotto Pizza to support himself.
  • But he has been a music enthusiast and loves opera.
  • When he was requested to sing an opera song during his regular shift as a barista, his video went viral and we strongly believe he deserves so much attention.

Jason Berger never once thought he’d wake up as an online star one day after a regular shift at work.

Jason works as a barista at the Starbucks in Wilmington, Delaware. During one of his shifts, he was taking orders as usual until a man requested him to sing.

Gianluca Spinola and his wife, Kaylan Wetzel were previously served by Jason and have bonded over a common interest, Gianluca’s home country, Italy.

Photo Credit: Kaylan Wetzel

“Jason [had previously] noticed my husband’s accent and mentioned that he studied opera in Italy (he’s conversant in Italian). My husband was shocked at how good his Italian is and he loves opera, so he asked him to sing! We were blown away at his talent,” Kaylan told Today.

So this time, the couple just couldn’t resist the temptation to ask Jason belt a song. Kaylan made sure to record the 28-year-old’s incredible performance and uploaded it online. Her video easily went viral and thousands of people are loving the barista’s voice! As a graduate from the music institution, Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, it was kind of a dream come to for Jason to have a big break. He has trained his voice for years and he deserves that moment.

Photo Credit: Jason Berger

“My dream is to be a soloist at major opera houses across the globe, including the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and as musical theater is a passion of mine as well, I would love to be in a Broadway show,” he said.

Jason supports himself by working at Starbucks and Grotto Pizza where he is also known for his amazing talent. But more than becoming known for his voice, he hopes that with his exposure, many people will learn to appreciate his genre. 

“I hope the joy that people get from watching my video is a reminder that the arts are a necessity, not a luxury. The arts are what make us human, they heal people and they bridge divides and they bring light into a world that is so often filled with divisiveness and hate,” Jason said.

Jason will be at OperaDelaware’s Spring Festival and will train in the company’s young artists program for two months. We believe that in the near future, he will be around the world singing on different stages bringing joy to people through his voice!

Source: Inspire More