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Stop The Stigma and Adopt A Black Cat At The “Black Cat Bonanza”



  • A rescue center figured out a special way to have their 40 black cats and kittens adopted.
  • They staged a “Black Cat Bonanza” where the adorable cats and kittens were on display together with a car show.
  • At the end of the day, the felines headed home to their new families who would give them their forever homes.

When Meshoppen Cat Rescue received a call to rescue 19 cats abandoned at a nearby home, they immediately went to the scene.

Upon their arrival, they were surprised with not just 19 cats but a staggering number of scared 40 cats and kittens.  What was striking was that almost all had black coats.

Photo Credit: Meshoppen Cat Rescue (Facebook)

They quickly worked at bringing them to the shelter where they were vaccinated, spayed and neutered.  And as soon as they were ready, they opened the cats up for adoption.

But Black cats have been found to be the least to be adopted at shelters.  They were overlooked in favor of other cats with different colors.   Some people think that they even come with the stigma that they are bad omens. 

Photo Credit: Meshoppen Cat Rescue (Facebook)

Shelter representative Paula Christine Foux said, “We just think it’s because people are so superstitious. [The cats] are very loving, they try to make themselves known, but it seems like they just get pushed aside.”

And so, Meshoppen Cat Rescue came up with a special plan to have their 40 black cats adopted through the “Black Cat Bonanza.”  It would involve displaying the cats together with a car show.

Photo Credit: Meshoppen Cat Rescue (Facebook)

And it turned out to be a brilliant idea as people flocked to see the cats and the cars!

And the most important achievement for the shelter is that the cats and kittens were soon heading home to be with their new families. 

Photo Credit: Meshoppen Cat Rescue (Facebook)

What a great job, Meshoppen Cat Rescue!

Let us get rid of the stigma.  Black cats are underneath the color of their fur, the same cats that need love and affection.  And you would be blessed to be owned by one who is more than willing to return the love and affection.

Source: The Dodo