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Stranger Snapped Only Photos Of Couple’s Wedding… And She Found Them



  • While other people wanted a grand wedding, Stefan and Nikolina wanted a simple one.
  • So one beautiful evening, the couple got married on the Brooklyn Bridge under the sunset sky.
  • They neither have guests nor a photographer, but a stranger named Nevona spotted them and snapped some shots which turned out to be stunning and inspiring!

People have different visions of their perfect wedding. While others want a grand celebration, there are those who prefer quiet, romantic, and more private moments.

The sun was setting beautifully one day in July when Nevona Friedman and her boyfriend spotted a couple and a minister, as the only witness, exchanging vows in the splendid rays of the setting sun against the architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a very private moment that they neither had family members nor a photographer!

While not wanting to interrupt the couple’s most special moment, she snapped some shots anyway before they left. However, when she checked the photos, they were just so stunning she was moved to look for the mysterious couple. So she took it to Twitter and posted one of the photos hoping to find them.

“If you were getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, I’ve got some photos for you!” she tweeted.

The Twitter world went wild with her tweet and the search for the Brooklyn Bridge couple was on! After only a day, they were found! Her post had gone viral so quickly that it reached Stefan Ponova and Nikolina Kovalenko right away! 

The newlywed were amazed by how many people responded to Nevona’s tweet. They realized their very simple wedding was inspiring others!

Stefan and Nikolina met in Colombia last year in June and both embarked on a journey to travel the world. They planned to get married exactly after a year but it was especially difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But they were not at all disheartened, instead, they accepted the bitter “new normal” of a wedding without guests — and not even a photographer. They are thankful for Nevona’s shots bigtime. 


“We realized that this photo symbolizes hope and celebrates love prevailing no matter what,” Nikolina posted on Instagram. “We felt like our happiness became contagious, and more and more people were embraced inside this circle of love. We wish everyone to find a person with whom you look in his/her eyes-and you just know.”

Congratulations lovebirds! And thank you Nevona for the wonderful photos! They sure are very inspiring!

Source: Inspire More