Stray dog finds a forever home after waiting outside a couple’s home [Video]

  • A stray dog named Buddy was waiting in front of a gate and was invited inside the home.
  • Buddy’s previous mom appeals to Lauren Alondra and her boyfriend to adopt the scared dog.
  • Buddy has now transformed into a sweet and playful dog who loves belly rubs more than anything.

Looking scared and confused, a corgi was pacing in front of Lauren Alondra’s gate. It looked like it wanted to go inside.  Seeing the dog, Alondra’s boyfriend informed her about it and advised her to open the gate. Once the gate was opened, the dog sprinted inside and tried to hide between the fence and the back of the house. welcome home buddy 🥰 #dogsoftiktok #rescuedog #straydog #dogrescuecheck #corgisoftiktok #corgipuppy #corgisdoingthings #corgilove #losangeles #animalrescue #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #foryot #dogmom #MINDORDERING #topgunmode #ReadyForHell #MINDORDERING #pov ♬ original sound – darcy 🦦

The dog did not want to be touched initially but after the couple sat beside him and talked to him, he sensed that he would be safe there. The couple then picked him up and brought him to the vet to be looked at. 

With no chip to identify him, Alondra posted the rescue online and the dog’s mom responded.  The dog, whose name is Buddy, was supposed to be rehomed but she thanked the couple for saving him and asked if they could adopt the pup.

Photo Credit: Lauren Alondra

“The owner said she would like it if we could [adopt him] since he seems to be doing really well with us. Even though a fourth dog is a lot of responsibility, we are happy to. He fits in perfectly in our home,” Alora said. “He gets along well with my three other dogs.”

From being scared, Buddy has now come out of his shell and turned out to be sweet and playful.

Photo Credit: Lauren Alondra

Alondra and her boyfriend may not have planned on keeping Buddy, but their love and care have made him secure.

Alondra said, “There’s a major difference in him now. He loves belly rubs and playing fetch. We are socializing him as much as we can, and he will now take a belly rub from anyone!”

Photo Credit: Lauren Alondra

Thanks to Alondra and her boyfriend, another dog needing love and care, has found his forever home.

Source: The Dodo

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