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Sweet 9-year-old Boy Gives Neglected Graves Some TLC



  • Mother and son Kym Watson and Corey Hall were walking through their new neighborhood’s cemetery when a neglected grave belonging to a one-year-old caught Corey’s attention.
  • Corey cleaned up the grave of debris that had accumulated on the plot and placed flowers in pots on the ground.
  • Mother and son decided to clean other graves in the yard every few weeks and posted about it on the town’s page which prompted townspeople to help in the cleaning.

Kym Watson and her son Corey Hall are new to the neighborhood of Mold, North Wales.  While on their way to a friend’s home that passes through a graveyard, Corey noticed that there was one dirty gravestone that was overgrown with weeds.  It was that of a one-year-old boy.

And while the other graves had flowers, this one did not. Corey wondered where the boy’s family could be as they were not able to tend to the grave and so he told his mom that he would be the one to clean it.

“We were walking to my friend’s house and my son was interested in reading the graves and this grave really stood out to him as it was a one-year-old boy who passed away,” Kym explained. “Every time we walked passed many of the gravestones had flowers but this one didn’t.”

Kym and Corey wasted no time and bought “the brightest flowers”. Corey immediately removed pine cones, branches and other debris and planted the flowers in pots, and placed them on the little boy’s grave.  And when he was done, he also set out to clean the other graves that needed tending.

Photo Credit: Kym Watson

Kym said, “Once he cleaned up the gravestone these were his words: ‘That’s really made me feel good about myself and I want to help others.’”

The good deed did not stop there as the mother and son decided to clean one plot at a time every few weeks.  When Kym posted about the plan on the town’s Facebook page, the townspeople volunteered to help Corey clean the graveyard!

Photo Credit: Kym Watson

This just proves that it only takes one caring 9-year-old kid to create a ripple of care for neglected graves.

Source: Inspire More