Sweet Pup Performs Final Act of Love for Late Friend

Sweet Pup Performs Final Gesture of Love for Late Friend

  • A sweet dog named Gaspar recently passed away, but his loved ones will never forget him.
  • His canine best friend, Kaya, performed a tearjerking final act of love after he was buried.
  • Kaya laid on top of her late friend’s grave and spent the whole morning there, as if to share one last moment together.

Sweet Gaspar has gone to the Rainbow Bridge after living a happy life filled with joy, affection, and love from his friends and family.

His dad, Marcelo Rodríguez, wrote in dedication to him: “Thank you for all the times we had together … You will always be with us.

Photo Credit: Marcelo Rodríguez

His canine best friend, Kaya, also made a touching act of love that moved several people to tears.

Kaya, who lives with Marcelo’s mom, loved spending time with Gaspar during the weekends they got together.

Their friendship was beautiful — as evidenced by the endless tail wagging. Marcelo soon found out that their love ran even deeper once Kaya realized that their time together has ended.

Sweet Pup Performs Final Act of Love for Late Friend
Photo Credit: Marcelo Rodríguez

Gaspar passed away due to kidney failure earlier this month.

Knowing his bond with Kaya, Marcelo gave her a chance to say one last goodbye before her friend’s body was laid to rest in his backyard.

It was then that Kaya made her final act of love for her dear friend.

Sweet Pup Performs Final Act of Love for Late Friend
Photo Credit: Marcelo Rodríguez

Kaya laid down on top of the fresh mound of dirt where her friend rested, and spent the whole morning there as if to share one last moment together.

Gaspar will always live on in Kaya’s heart, and the hearts of everyone who was touched by his love.

Photo Credit: Marcelo Rodríguez

That silent moment between Kaya and Gaspar touched the hearts of thousands, who couldn’t help but tear up.

Marcelo wrote, “Animals are superior beings that we will never understand, and that we do not deserve.”

Source: The Dodo

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Blog Comments

A beautiful love story.

It is not fair that dogs have such short lives. The only good thing is they don’t know it. All they need is fresh food and water, lots of treats and a warm bed and blanket. They overcome anything that comes their way and rebound much better than humans. People who mistreat their animals should have the same life span. It is called a love bond with many people’s best friend. Those that loose their dogs and say they are too old to find another don’t realize just a couple of years for a stray in a good home is better than being on a chain or worse being put down because no one wants them.

We had two great and loving Labrador Retreivers Tex and Missy who were really close friends. Missy was a heavy eater and Tex would share his food with her. One day Missy was having some problems and ended up dying of congenital heart failure. I had to take her to vet and watch as they put her to sleep. Tex looked for her for weeks and then must have had a minor stroke and from then on went down hill. One day my wife called me at work and said Tex is laying down in backyard and not moving. I came home and went out to see what was going on with Tex. He was not breathing and had died early that day. He knew he was sick and was dying so he dug an area out under the pine trees and then laid down and died.
So sad but I wanted to share my story and that even pets like dogs have more love and feelings for each other than some people!
My thought is he had a soul mate/partner and missed her so bad that it eventually made him sick. Dogs are great pets and companions.

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