Mom Creates Tangerine ‘Force Field’ Around Christmas Tree to Keep Cat Away

Christmas Tree's Tangerine 'Force Field' Keeps Cat Away

  • Victor is a brave and outgoing cat, but the tangerine fruit strikes fear in him.
  • His mom noticed that whenever she peeled a tangerine, Victor would hiss and run away.
  • So when she couldn’t get Victor to keep off the ornaments of their Christmas tree, she decided to build a tangerine “force field” around it to keep him away.

Meet Victor. He’s a very brave, outgoing, and confident cat. He’s friendly to strangers and follows his mom everywhere. Despite his bravery, though, he harbors a big fear and hate of the fruit tangerine.

Photo Credit: Irene Olocco

Victor’s mom, Irene Olocco, discovered his hate for tangerines when he was just a kitten.

Irene recalled, “We were together on the couch, I grabbed a tangerine and, as I began to peel it, he hissed and ran away.”

Photo Credit: Irene Olocco

Victor seemed to hate all similar orange fruits. He wouldn’t go near them!

This gave his mom the idea of how to get Victor to behave when it came to certain house rules that he kept disobeying.

Irene shared, “I began to put oranges or tangerines on the furniture where I didn’t want him to climb on and it worked.”

Pet owners know all too well how hard it is to keep pets off the Christmas ornaments. Like most cats, Victor loves stealing the ball ornaments off the Christmas tree.

Photo Credit: Irene Olocco

“I was sick of yelling at him to not touch the balls,” Irene shared. One morning, when she ate a tangerine, “the brilliant idea struck … It worked immediately!”

Irene decided to protect the Christmas tree by placing a force field of tangerines around it.

Victor couldn’t get past the tangerine force field!

Photo Credit: Irene Olocco

The tree is now safe from any cat shenanigans.

Because of Victor’s strange fear, the strange, edible ornaments surrounding the Christmas tree will likely become a yearly tradition.

You can see more of Victor’s adventures on his Instagram account. 

Source: The Dodo

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