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These 5 Selfless Gestures from Taylor Swift has Swifties Adoring her More



  • Fans of Taylor Swift, known as Swifties, already know how precious their idol is.
  • Taylor has been known for her personal interactions and genuine care for her fans, as well as strangers.
  • She has given fans personal gifts, donated to several charities and causes, and even helped pay struggling moms’ rent.

Taylor Swift has been beloved by millions not only for her songs’ catchy melodies and witty lyrics. She also has a heart of gold. Her fans have been all too familiar with the singer’s selfless gestures.

Taylor truly cares. She has been donating to several charities, reaching out to fans, and providing encouragement and support to anyone in need.

Take a look at some of the instances that Taylor won our hearts.

1. Taylor personally interacts with her fans.

When Taylor won the AMA’s Artist of the Decade award, she also won a fan with her performance. Other artists ignored the fans in the mosh pit, but Taylor interacted with them. One attendee, fledgling music artist Klee, became her forever fan after that.

2. She even won Mr. Feeny over!

Taylor’s re-recorded version of her album “RED” was promoted by William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny in the sitcom “Boy Meets World.” He recommended the album on his granddaughter’s TikTok account.

The video, which was filled with puns related to the singer’s songs, reached Taylor and her younger brother Austin.


She responded in the video’s comments section.

My brother and I are freaking out, we're huge fans! This is so awesome. Thank you! And thank you Grace!
Photo Credit: TikTok

3. Taylor personally reaches out to fans who are having a hard time.

When she noticed one young fan named Hannah getting bullied, Taylor took the time to look through her story so she can give a personal heartfelt message.

Taylor always reaches out to anyone experiencing the brutal parts of life.

4. She even held her own Christmas event for fans.

Taylor looked through her biggest fans’ social media so she can give them personalized gifts and handmade cards for her 2014 “Swiftmas” celebration.

One recipient, Katie Mullins, shared, “You can tell it’s really genuine, everything she writes. It’s not contrived in any way. She’s just so charming, her personality, the fact that she does stuff like this, it’s crazy.”

5. Taylor recently donated thousands of dollars to people impacted by COVID-19.

In December 2020, Taylor donated $13,000 to two struggling moms who were behind on rent.


In March 2021, Taylor and her mom also donated $50,000 to Vickie Quarles, a mother of five who lost her husband to COVID-19.

Taylor Swift is truly a gem. Share this list with a Swiftie and make them proud!

Source: Inspire More