Teacher Who Rescued A Stray Had Emotional Goodbye To The Dog

  • A stray pup was roaming the streets of New Orleans when a teacher rescued him.
  • The teacher’s landlord did not allow pups into their premises and so the teacher had to give him up to a rescue center and made them promise to find a home for the pup.
  • The pup was named Scholar after the Good Samaritan whose main concern was for the pup to end up in a good forever home.

He may not have been the one to give the 4-month-old stray dog the home that the pup needed, but he made sure that it had a happy ending.

The stray pup has been living in the streets of New Orleans and the Good Samaritan teacher rescued him and brought him to his home.  It could have ended happily.  But as fairytales are, there are villains.  In this case, it was the landlord. 

Pups are not allowed on the property.  It was a choice of giving the puppy home but losing his own home in return.  And so, the teacher had to give up the puppy but not without talking with the personnel at Villalobos Rescue Center to take the puppy in.

The rescue’s post said, “A renewed sense of faith in humanity began to take over. Paperwork was filled out and we assured the Good Samaritan teacher that the pup was in good hands.”

He also asked to say a proper goodbye to the puppy which broke the hearts who witnessed it.  As the post described it, “Hearts melted, tears fell, and a little scraggly tail went ‘thumpity thump, thump. Today we learned something: not all heroes wear capes. We realized that somewhere in a city filled with crime and helplessness, he stands at the head of a classroom where his only ‘weapon’ is his knowledge.”

Photo Credit: @VillalobosRescueCenter (Facebook)

The center named the pup Scholar in honor of the man who cared for him to make sure he is okay. The center hopes that their story would change lives and contribute in touching people’s hearts to make a difference in how we treat dogs and other animals.

Scholar will be taken care of by his foster parent and will be moved to The Pet Pack Rescue Initiative which is run by teachers, where he will continue his journey to his forever home.

May you find your family soon, Scholar. 

Source: The Dodo

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