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Teen And Dog Recreate Photo From His First Day of First Grade To His High School Graduation



  • Dylan and his best friend dog Ruger, met when they were both so young.
  • Through the years, they have made memories and have conquered many milestones in life together.
  • With Dylan’s recent success, her mom recreates the photo he had with Ruger, only now, he is wearing his graduation cap and gown.

The love that is shared between you and others is not measured only with the long years that you have been together but also with the fondest memories you created—which Dylan and his dog Ruger have made a lot. 

When Dylan and his family adopted Ruger, he was just a puppy. But even then, Ruger had brought so much happiness to them.

Photo Credit: Corie Bliss

“We try to bring him with us everywhere,” Corie Bliss, Dylan’s mom, told The Dodo. “He’s super loyal and loves his family.”

Dylan and Ruger quickly formed a special bond and were instantly best friends. Dylan was also just a little boy when he met the pup and they both have witnessed each other’s milestones and achievements in life as they grew up.

Photo Credit: Corie Bliss

Now, with Dylan’s recent success, Corie found a way to celebrate that.

“I was looking at old pics, and came across Dylan’s first day of first grade pic with Ruger, when Ruger was a puppy,” she said. “I wanted to recreate the picture the night of his high school graduation.”

Sure enough, the result was adorably cute!

With the old photo and new one side by side, the years of nurturing love and friendship between them is so apparent and so lovely Corie can’t help but shed some tears.

Photo Credit: Corie Bliss

“Lots of running mascara,” she said. “So many memories.”

Dylan thinks the same way.

“Having Ruger with me throughout school was great,” he said. “No matter what grade I was in, I always have memories of coming home and getting greeted by Ruger at the door.”

Although Ruger is now facing challenges with his health, he still stays by Dylan’s side and makes more memories with him.


Time is fleeting and things do change but the love Ruger shares with Dylan will always stay the same.

Source: The Dodo