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Teen’s Gloomy Day Changed When The Clouds Formed To Look Like Her Pet’s Face Hours After Dog’s Death



  • Sunny died after she had a seizure on June 20 in the arms of Lucy’s father.
  • The Parson Russell terrier was a very loving and funny dog but she has always had health issues.
  • When she died, Lucy was very sad and asked for signs from heaven that her best friend is doing fine, then she saw the clouds looked like Sunny.

Lucy Ledgeway’s 14-year-old dog, Sunny, passed away on June 20 after she had a seizure in her father’s arms. She was so sad and asked heavens for a sign that her best friend is in a safe place and that’s when she saw her face in the cloud.

Sunny, a Parson Russell terrier, was only a year old when Lucy’s family, from the city of York in northern England, rescued her. Lucy, who is now 19 years old, recalled to Today how funny and loving of a dog Sunny was, but she also had lots of issues with her health. Last year, she was confirmed to have diabetes, and they were told she only had  12 to 15 months left.

For 13 months, Sunny had been taking insulin until her health started to go downhill fast. A few days before she passed away, the poor dog was throwing up and had difficulty going to the bathroom. They thought they had to euthanize her but surprisingly, she was able to survive one last day to spend with her family.

“She was in bed up until around 2 p.m., and then my brother got a bag of crisps out and started eating and she started sniffing up,” Lucy told TODAY. “It gave us a bit of hope, like, ‘Oh, so she’ll be all right.’”

Photo Credit: Lucy Ledgeway

Matter of fact, she seemed to have improved suddenly her veterinarians ditched the idea to euthanize her. The following morning however, Sunny died.

Lucy was very emotional and was crying telling her boyfriend she wanted to see a sign that her best friend is fine wherever she may be. Two hours later, the clouds formed like Sunny’s face was painted on it.

“I was in shock really, in disbelief,” Lucy said. “The thing is, I was sad all day and then as soon as I saw her, it just made me laugh. It made me giggle to myself and it made me happy. And I think that happening has made it easier to grieve.” 

Photo Credit: Lucy Ledgeway

She took a photo of the clouds and shared it on twitter which has since gone viral instantly with over 101,000 likes and more than 7,000 retweets. Positive messages from people also flooded in. 

Although there are others who are very skeptical and accusing her of editing the photo, she doesn’t care much about their opinion. 

“I’m grateful that I’ve seen that with my own eyes,” she said, “and I know that it’s not fake.”

Source: TODAY.Com