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The 2020 Olympic Games May Be Postponed But Dad Can’t Be Stopped From Performing His Gymnastics Routine! [Video]



  • Quarantine has kept our favorite events that we always look forward to, cancelled.
  • That includes the 2020 Olympic games but one dad showed us how to still enjoy the quarantine at home.
  • A recent video got viral of Paul doing gymnastics routine while atop a wooden fence and it is oddly satisfying and fun to watch!

The novel coronavirus has taken our lives into a whole new level of normal. Many people are disappointed with the closing of businesses and postponing of many events that we look forward to including the 2020 Olympic games. But preventive measures and necessary to ensure our safety. Despite all the odds, a dad from Semmes, Alabama, can’t be stopped from snatching that gold in the quarantine way!

Lindsey Novay Cooper recently shared on Facebook a TikTok video of her dad, Paul, while he is performing his gymnastic routine on a fence in the backyard of their home. It was a hilarious routine and the video was instantly a hit!

“Dad acting like a gymnast,” Lindsey says in the caption of the video. “He really is the funniest person ever.” 

You can see Paul in the video standing upright, stomach in, and chest out, on top of a wooden fence and suddenly raising his arms into a readying position as if he is Simone Biles!

Photo Credit: Lindsey Cooper

Paul did some jumps, which people may find cringeworthy but totally fun you can’t stop smiling, then dismounts into a perfect landing like a pro.

“OMG I’m dying!” one of Lindsey’s friends commented. “I think Aunt Ann dropped that boy on his head when he was a baby,” said another.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Cooper

After the first viral video, Lindsey decided to share another one which is much more impressive especially that the background music used is “Eye Of The Tiger.”

Her dad again did some jumps and cartwheels before landing perfectly in the end. It was so fun to watch you’d have to hit that replay button many times!

Once this quarantine is over, we Paul would be absolutely ready for the real deal in a bigger arena!

Source: Inspire More