There’s A New Surfer Dude Riding And Creating Waves In Australia — A Duck! [Video]

  • Australia has added a new surfer dude with webbed feet and eight toes in its roster!
  • Rainbow Bay, Australia’s ‘Duck’ has been riding the waves alongside his owner Kate Miller and people come to watch him surf.
  • Duck’s Christmas party called “Surfing Santas and Inflatable Toys” is so popular that “animal whisperer” Allan Daxon said securing an invite is a must.

Yes, you read it right.  A duck has been giving Australian surfer dudes a run for their money. Rainbow Bay in Australia’s surfing duck has been gaining fans all over the bay and on social media and winning the popularity game.

Photo Credit: @rainbowbayduck (Instagram)

According to Duck’s owner, Kate Miller, when dogs were banned from the beach 40 years ago, she and her family started raising ducks, brought them to the beach and taught them to surf.

Now, one of their ducks named Duck surfs alongside her and other surfers every day, twice a day.  And people come to watch him ride the waves.

Duck has become so popular that when he throws his annual “Surfing Santas and Inflatable Toys” party, it’s always a monster hit.   People come to enjoy riding on inflatables, swimming and surfing, of course!  You can say people hang 10 with the webbed-feet duck who has three front toes and a hind toe.

Kate said, “He lives a good duck life.”

And it is not just the waves and popularity that Duck’s is in competition with the human surfers. When “animal whisperer” Allan Daxon featured him in a video, he captioned it: “Hide your girlfriend, @rainbowbayduck‘s got skills.” And he even added that scoring an invite to the party should be on anyone’s list.

In Daxon’s interview on the video, Kate explained: “Ducks are a long-term commitment, if you want to have one you have to have enough space.” She added, “It’s not fair to have them in an apartment or put nappies on them. It’s just cruel, they’re not made for that. They need access to dirt and grubs and worms.”

So, don’t just grab a duck and teach it to surf.  It takes commitment. But meanwhile, where can we get the invites for the party?

Source: Inspire More

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