These Goofy-licious Photos of Cats Will Leave You In Stitches

Generally, cats are intelligent, curious and graceful animals. But sometimes, they can be caught in their most embarrassing moment.

These goofy photos of cats in their derpiest will make you laugh out loud! They’ll surely brighten your weekend.

1. Mood.

cat holding and licking a loaf of bread

2. The true definition of “If I fits, I sits!”

cat sitting in feeding bowl

3. I like the taste of this Mom.

black cat biting box

4. Are you taking my picture? I’m smiling now.

cat making silly face

5. This kitten thinks she’s a bat… Or Spiderman? Her mom is as confused as we are.

kitten upside down and in-between couch cushions with cat watching

6. String:1, Cat:0

cat playing with string

7. Tryin’ to be chill during an embarassing moment.

cat caught by phone charger cord

8. He’s up there, isn’t he?

cat stepping on the head of another cat

9. I thought they said cats are liquid. They lied!

cat in a box

10. Water… I. Need. Water.

cat drinking water from faucet

11. What are these two up to now?

cat upside down on top of kitchen cabinet with another cat on counter

12. What are you looking at? I’m just sitting here like a normal cat.

cat sitting on floor

13. Happy kitty loves sun bathing. Had to expose the tongue for an even tan.

cat sitting in basket in sun

14. Looks like someone’s got the zoomies!

cat moving

15. To the person who ordered a derpy cat: Your package has arrived!

cat jumping out of box

Good thing these cats’ humans have their cameras on standby so we can adore these silly, picture-perfect moments.

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