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This Dog Learns to Turn The Light On and Off, It’s a Disco! [Video]



  • Slug is a cute fluffy pup who until earlier this week, never thought she’s any different than other dogs.
  • But then she accidentally discovered her power over lightness and darkness when she was chasing a fly.
  • After coming in contact with a touch lamp that went on and off with her touch, she was so amused that she played with it for about an hour.

Meet Slug, an absolutely adorable little pup, who must’ve thought she’s just like the rest, until recently — she discovered her power!

Earlier this week, Slug was just doing her usual thing playing around in their home, when she saw a fly that landed on their touch lamp.

She chased the tiny insect and in the process came in contact with the lamp. Suddenly it was all dark around her! She must’ve been bewildered because when she touched the lamp, there was light again!

Slug totally forgot about the fly. Her attention was now focused on her newly discovered godlike power!

The cute fluffy pup seemed to be very amused of her ability to rule over lightness and darkness because she kept coming back to the lamp.

“She just kept going back and turning it on and off throughout the evening,” her mom, Natalie Hart, told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Natalie Hart

She realized she’s different from her other kind and went to play with the lamp for about an hour.

But of course, her mom exactly knew what happened and she was laughing at how hilarious and cute she was.

“I was just laughing at her,” Natalie said as she recalled Slugs usual activities were just the chill ones like “climbing into flower pots” and resting on them.

After flexing her power long enough, Slug decided to take a rest. This actually showed the other wild side of Slug which for her mom, is still undoubtedly adorable.


“She really knows how to brighten up my day,” Natalie said.

Source: The Dodo