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This Dog Loves Donuts So Much, His Mom Set Up A Camera To Capture His Very Relatable Reaction [Video]



  • Bear’s owner, Candice Sedighan, is a photographer and she loves to capture Bear’s special moments.
  • Bear has a great taste in finer things and treats and he is obsessed with donuts.
  • So when her mom pranked him with a box of fake sweets, with a camera at the bottom, the result was hilarious and very relatable.

Bear knows exactly what he wants  in life and his taste, you could say, is of finer things and elegance like the morning fragrance of a newly bloomed flower. 

But that’s not all!

The fluffy dog’s mom, Candice Sedighan, works as a photographer in Los Angeles and she knows Bear’s taste in treats pretty well so she makes sure she captures his special moments.

Bear is so obsessed with donuts that even with just donut toys, they are enough to make his mouth start watering.

So Candice decided to set up a camera at the bottom of a box filled with fake donuts and perfectly captured Bear’s super adorable and well, very relatable reaction toward the treats he covets. 

Photo Credit: Candice Sedighan

Looking inside the box of fake donuts, Bear’s eyes were full of desire and he couldn’t help but start licking as his mouth started watering.

You could see he is trying so hard to fight the temptation but ultimately he gives in and dives to have a taste. 

“The result was hilarious with the cutest squishy face ever!” Candice told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Candice Sedighan

Although Bear was not able to get real donuts that day, her mom did give him peanut butter to satisfy his cravings. 

“He’s a fan of both donuts and toys, but toys were the healthier option of course,” Candice said.

Photo Credit: Candice Sedighan

I feel sorry for Bear that those were fake donuts, I would be mad it were me. But at least his mom knows what’s best for him. Still, this video makes me wanna order some donuts for later.

Source: The Dodo